Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 3 of Life with a New Baby

This week has been pretty exciting overall.

On Monday, we had our 2nd pediatrician appointment for the new baby and he passed with flying colors. He gained 10 oz in one week. I was so happy. Later that afternoon though, we returned to the pediatrician because we thought Hero had stuck something up his nose. He was whistling out his nose as he breathed. The doctor couldn't find anything so it is probably so small it got past his mucus membranes. Nothing to do but wait. 

On Wednesday, I had my post op appointment and the doctor was impressed with my healing abilities. Thank goodness for strong hereditary genes is all I can say. This was my third c-section and I was worried about adhesions. When I asked my OB how the surgery went he stated he didn't find any adhesions, that everything looked good, and that I could go on to have another five babies if I wanted. I was pleased as I didn't want to close those doors on my fertility. However, it did lead us to tell the doctor that a nurse in the hospital asked if we were having a tubal ligation. The doctor was shocked and told us that the hospital policy was that it's not even an option. He wondered aloud why the nurse would even ask me that. I didn't tell him that my recovery nurses at the hospital had told me that it was too risky to get pregnant again, especially after three c-sections. My opinion is that I'll trust my OB, and not some random nurse, to say if I can get pregnant again or not. He doesn't mind if I have a dozen children, as long as my health is not compromised. 

After my appointment, my parents took me out to lunch at my favorite sushi resturant. It was delicious and even my dad enjoyed it, although he wasn't daring enough to try the raw fish. Maybe nextime. 

Pilot and Hero have been having a great time with my parents, helping with dishes and cleaning bathrooms. They are currently spending the night over at their house to give my husband and I a break once a week from the chaos of many little children. Only having to watch the baby is a bit different with less multitasking. Unfortunately, we still forgot to take the clothes out of the dryer. 

Today, the big boys return and my husband and Dad will be digging holes in the back yard to put in support post for some planter beds. I'm so excited that we will have a vegetable garden this year. I can't wait. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and I need to make some cards up for both my husband and our boys. I'm not a big fan of the commercialism of the day and try rather to do hand made pieces with what I have on hand. 

And Saturday is our tax appointment. Not the most exciting way to spend Saturday morning. I would prefer to just hand over our statements, sign papers, and leave. However, we must spend an hour chit chatting with our accountant on little things of no importance. It's awful of me to admit that and it makes me wish I liked small talk with strangers and aquaintances. I wish I was more like my dad in that aspect. He loves to talk with people, no matter who they are or how long he's known them. 

After all that excitement, I'm looking forward to a much quieter week where we're not going everywhere and trying to do everything. 

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