Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh no.

Tonight has been a night of errors. It all started with me taking the trash out. Simple enough, right? We had oil in the trash can and the trash bag had a hole in the bottom. I only began to notice a problem when Hero was leaving footprints in the kitchen. I though perhaps that his diaper was over full, but his clothes were dry. I looked for a spilled cup of water. None could be seen. I touched the stuff, smelled it, then rubbed my fingers together. Oil! Ugh. A long dripping trail from garbage can, across the carpet, and out the front door. What a mess. 

My husband and I quickly started spraying pinesol and wiping up the oil. Good thing it's a degreaser. It worked perfect on the carpets. I filled the kitchen sink with hot hot water and more cleanser. I mopped the entry, the kitchen, and just because it was already dirty, the laundry room. I put the mop outside and walked in. 

Then I noticed a trail of liquid right where I had been walking with the mop. I grabbed some cloths, mad that I hadn't wrung the mop out enough. I touched the liquid. Oil. Again! What the heck was going on?! I looked at the trail and my heart sank. In his helpfulness, my husband took the garbage can out through the laundry room and to the garage. He knew there would be oil in the bottom of the can but he didn't realize I had drilled two holes near the bottom to let extra air escape when I put a liner in. Of course, the holes were pointing down as he walked it through the house. More oil to clean up. 

We frantically cleaned the carpets and the floors and the garage. I put in new hot water and cleanser for the kitchen and laundry room. I mopped and mopped, drained oily water, filled with clean, and mopped again. My husband dragged out the stream cleaner and went to town on the carpets. 

So, now we hope we're clean of oil on the carpets and tile floors. 

What a mess. 

I hope that doesn't happen again. 

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