Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Joy in Motherhood

It's been troubling me lately, the vicious and cruel words coming from some very angry people. They are one with the overpopulation belief crowd but go further than that in belief that humans should no longer exist. They are angered by families and children. Is this the result of contraception and planned parenthood? Where we've gone from every child wanted to no child should be brought into this world because we're parasites? Is it as some bloggers write, that so many of us have written the harsh realities of our lives that it's become a complete turn off?

As I browsed the Pinterest boards, I was gazing longingly at the traditionally garbed sisters from the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist and the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia. These happy women are drawing large crowds of young people. They exude joy, peace, harmony, and love. It's easy to see why young people love them. 

Contrast those sisters with those who threw off their habits after Vatacan II. They seemed like such bitter people who were repressed, but even after their "reslease" from oppression they were still bitter. Where is the draw? Those orders are dying now. The ones thriving are those who embrace tradition. But it's more than tradition. They are visibly happy and perfectly visible.

Considering this, should mothers try to embrace the roll of motherhood, slow down, and live in the moment? Finding joy, peace, and love in their vocation? 

We seem so haried by keeping up with what other mothers are doing: sports, career, school, homeschool, arts and crafts, party planning, field trips, and on and on. 

I looked at some old photos of motherhood the other day. They were from a collection of lost photos from the 70s. All were in black and white. They were beautiful. The mothers looked so calm and at peace. Even with a child acting crazy in the background. They were reconciled to their place in life. I want that peace, that surity. 

I think I will try to post those things that are motherhood to me and what makes me a mother. Some things will be tough but most will be joy and love. My boys are but little. We have plenty of growing up to do. 

Comparing the size of their popsicles.

Resting safe in Grammie's arms.

When my boys act like twins.

Sharing their trucks with the baby.

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