Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Patrick's Day and Updates.

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day. My boys had fun dressing up in green. Valiant wore a cute little onesie that looked like a suit and it was commented on everywhere we went that day. I've been having a hard time with Valiant at the grocery store. He's at the stage where he's always trying to leave. Sitting in a grocery cart is not of interest and he is constantly twisting and turning under the seat buckle. Usually, he manages to turn around and sqwat while facing the wrong way. He tries to stand but fortunately he listens when I tell him to get down. I'll take sqwatting over standing as he rides in the cart. 

Hero is into full sentences now and it's so interesting to listen to his sentence combinations. He and Pilot do everything together. What's funny is how much older Hero acts when he's around Pilot, but also how much more mature Pilot is when he's away from Hero. 

Pilot is taking martial arts now at the school I received a black belt from in 2008. He loves going and it's great to see him interacting with other kids and his 6'5" teacher. The man is so big but so gentle with the kids. They love him. 

I'm also signing up Pilot with a local charter homeschool for the fall so he can do transitional kindergarten. I'm feeling like I need a few years practice with help before school starts to count. Hopefully, in two years, I'll have more of an idea of how I want to homeschool and what works for each of our boys. 

On Sunday, my Nana passed away. She was 93. We have been expecting it for a while now but it's still hard to go through. Nana taught me how to knit, and I'll always remember her frozen chocolate chip cookies and her delicious Yorkshire pudding (of which I have not had since the last time she made it). 

And a little news, we're expanding our family again. The next little baby will be due in November and we are so thrilled. 

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