Friday, June 12, 2015

Update on my boys...

My boys get bigger everyday. So sweet, innocent, and cute. They have their bad times but thankfully stricter discipline is keeping them from sulkiness and true sqwabbles. 

Boys are so passionate. They put their hearts into everything and try so hard to do right. Pilot is four and a half. He loves stories being read to him. I tried teaching him to start reading but my behavior was awful. He tried and I got exasperated with his lack of comprehension. I'm giving it a true break until August when school starts. Meanwhile, I read him stories. We finished Peter Pan, that was quite a challenge to read aloud. All references to Captain Hook were full of what we now consider old fashioned terms and language. The boys didn't really notice my difficulty and thankfully didn't ask me to explain some of the archaic language. After that I started to read Treasure Island, per their request, but nixed it after a chapter, due to disinterest. No one wanted to sit next to me or in my lap. They drifted off to other rooms and played with toys. Now we're trying The Magician's Nephew. So far, that one is much more successful. They like the drawings and it's an interesting tale. 

Hero just turned three. He's testing all his boundaries by drawing on furniture in pen, breaking all the chalk into tiny pieces, pushing and shoving babies and toddlers down who get too close, and taking off his diaper at nap time with unfortunate results. Why do they say terrible twos? It should be the threes. By three they are so much taller, agile, and knowledgeable that getting into trouble is so much more exciting. Every day is an adventure. 

Valiant is adorable and he knows it. A sure sign of trouble in the future. His hair is red and it curls in soft waves. His eyes are big, crinkling when he smiles. Then there are the dimples. Ahh. He says, "Dada" a lot. It is the only word he really says. I realize I've been neglectful in vocabulary with him. We are trying to make up for it now by labling everything he shows us. In language, his pediatrician called him "disadvantaged" because he has older brothers. I thought that a very poor choice of words and I hope he doesn't talk like that to other families who have him as a pediatrician. I would call my little boy blessed to have siblings. He has so many people who will be there his entire life. Loneliness will only go so far before it's stopped in it's tracks by family intervention. 

Our family is expanding again. Currently, I'm 18 1/2 weeks along. My husband is adamant about not knowing what we are having. He feels like he's cheating himself out of a time honored experience by finding out early through ultrasound, while I feel unprepared as to what hand-me-downs to ask for from generous family members. What to do? My husband doesn't think I'll be able to keep it a secret from him if I do find out. He may be right. I don't like secrets or surprises. I'd be full to bursting with wanting to share.