Monday, July 6, 2015

Our 4th of July

The US has had another birthday. Happy 239th birthday United States of America. Independence was hard fought and won. 

Today, we do not know how long we will still be called independent and freedom loving. Our laws get tighter and stricter every day by request of so many groups. Soon, we'll need permission from the government to do just about anything. Want to have kids? Fill out this form, we'll let you know if you qualify. Want to take a vacation to Disneyland? Fill out this form, we'll see if you've done enough work. 

But, the nanny state is not here yet. We may or may not go that way. Some people like that life and others do not. Our future is uncertain. Until such a time comes we can still celebrate the freedoms we have. 

There are some things I'm going to need to learn how to enjoy again. California fireworks are my current hurdle. 

Exhibit #1

In California, this is called a sparkler. I call it a lame sparkler, better known as a glorified match. We were using them to light other fireworks because they lacked sparkle. 

When I was a kid, we didn't have strict firework laws. We had laws but you still could enjoy getting your hands and arms singed each year by bits of fire and not get in trouble. We would also light real firecrackers and send tin cans shooting up into the sky using water pressure. It was awesome. 

Exhibit #2

This was one of the more exciting fireworks we were able to buy. This was at the height of its display. Thrilling, right?

My kids had a good time though. They know nothing of what we once had. 

I hope to one day enjoy fireworks again. Perhaps we can move to a greener, wetter state. 

Don't you love the smell of gun powder in the evening?

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  1. Great post!! Really well written too. I could definitely smell the fireworks. It brought back many fond memories of playing with sparklers with my children and hearing them squeal with delight when their Daddy lit off the bottle rockets and mortar rockets -- they made a lot of noise.