Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Baby in the Family

On November 2nd, 2015 at 1:04 pm we welcomed our newest baby into the family, a little girl. Her brothers are thrilled and constantly want to touch her hands, her face, her little feet. They protect her fiercely and screech at each other for getting too close to her (they've been sick). 

All of my babies, and any future ones, have and will be c-sections. Not by choice but by necessity. It's not fun, recovery is long, and the pain can be intense from the scar healing. 

Thankfully, almost all went very well. We had new insurance this time and we were able to go to the hospital nearest our home only a few miles away rather than driving 20 miles into Sacramento and being in a less than ideal part of town. All the staff were helpful and prompt. They tried their best to accommodate me in my needs and wishes. 

This time I was surprised to find my husband wanting to be in the OR. Last time he went in he was quite traumatized by the whole ordeal. This time I saw his nervous anticipation and he fairly vibrated with giddiness. Even the nurse noticed. He stayed by me till our baby was born and then he protectively hovered overher and even cut the umbilical cord, something I would have told you would never ever happen. 

She was 7 lbs 11 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. She is our second lightest baby. She has a light colored fuzz over her head. The nurse called it strawberry blonde. I'm not sure though. Looks to me like it's just blonde. 

Valiant had reddish fuzz at birth and now it's definitely red, maybe I should call him 'Carrots'.  

I've been home for almost three weeks now. Our little girl has grown and will soon be graduating out of newborn clothes. 

Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving. This will be the first time her uncles, aunts, and cousins (on my side) will see her. On Saturday, the same with my husband's family. I'm just praying we all stay as well as we can.